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Identifying your NEEDS to gET THE JOB DONE RIGHT is a great place to start figuring out what you would like to have on your shoot.  No job too big and no job too small! DannyGgear is here to make your shoot as fun and easy as possible.  

Contact Danny G ASAP and get the ball rolling on your next project with peace of

mind knowing you're getting real professionals on your set!  

I have a team of dedicated professionals in the commercial advertising industry, all with 10 to 40 years of experience.  ArtDirectors, Photographers, Grips, Hair/Mua, Photo Assistants, Set Builders, Graphic Artist, Digi Techs, Stylists, Producers, Coordinators, Crafty, Food Trucks, Location Scouts etc. It's taken me 16 years in this industry to develop relationships with the best of the best in Florida so If you're doing a shoot in Florida, I'm the guy you want to know. If I can't help you I know people that can!  

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