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Once we agree upon the item(s) you'd like to rent for your shoot at least 50% of the total invoice must be paid at least 24 hours prior to your shoot date. However, if your payment method is a check payment must be received 4 days prior to your shoot date. The remaining balance of your rental invoice must be paid on the last day of your shoot.

To rent items from DannyGgear.com you must e-mail, call, or text Danny G directly at DannyG5@me.com or 813-368-0413.

Gear rentals are only granted if Danny G himself or one of his crew members are booked on your shoot in some position (P/A, Grip, Gaffer, Art Department, Crafty, Coordinator, Production Service, RV Moho, Digi Tech, Photographer, etc.). Danny G or one of his crew members will bring your requested items to your set and when your shoot is wrapped they will return the items. Danny G does not rent any items until you agree to these terms & conditions. 

​Check payments must be received 4 days before your shoot date.   

Check(s) made payable to:

Hustle Harder Productions, Inc.

P.O. Box 273162

Tampa, FL 33688

​Payment(s) can be made via credit card

Terms & Conditions