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This cart saves a ton of down time moving from location to location.  Not only can it speed up your shot count in a day but now you'll get way more verities of shots because you'll have the ability to cover a lot more ground quickly!  This cart was built out of necessity.  Over 15 years of my experience in location settings have boiled down to this carts design and features.  This cart is just the beginning!  I'm also building one strictly for hair/makeup & wardrobe.  This way we will have a rolling room with heat and air conditioning on set at all times at any location!  Way more to come from my new company at Hustle Harder Productions, Inc. 
It is 20' long, 8' high, and 5' wide.  
It has a top speed of 17mph.  It's geared to move a lot of weight so it's not fast but it is street legal with head lights, blinkers, brake lights, horn, and FL license plate.  
The cab portion of the cart has cold air conditioning which is great for touching up a model's makeup or to get out of the heat while reviewing images.  Most Digital Techs utilize this feature of the cart to show clients shot progress while on set.  The cab also has 6 charging ports for smart phone charging. 
"Depending on your needs wants and most importantly budget! This is a cart that has features like no other. The cold A/C or heat @ 12,000 BTU is removable! The unit pumps A/C into the cab when you want it and when you want to move the unit out of the cart you can use it in a tent or any other area you need A/C up to a 12'x10' space. This cart also features full air ride suspension on all four wheels. Each wheel is adjustable via switches in the driver portion of the dash board. Seats 6 adults and the two chairs mounted in the front and back flip down into truck beds when you want to carry more equipment rather than people. The 5' side step rails can hold four adults (2) on each side and they are removable making them double as ramps! Great for driving over curbs and even used as extra seating when parked. This one of a kind roof rack/tub is made from a single sheet of marine grade stainless steel! Its amazing four people can literally walk around on the roof top front to back! It's 12' long x 4' wide It's designed to drain rain water and hold 3 Honda EU2000 super quiet running generators giving this cart over 6,000 watts of power! These generators are great because they can be removed as needed to run power to other places when you get to your destination. I run a kurig coffee maker, a microwave and a vitamix blender on this cart when I'm using it. These are just some of the key features that this cart offers just to name a few! I designed this cart for the use of commercial advertising. I work on TV sets where we are constantly moving tons of equipment and personnel from set location to set location. This cart was built out of necessity after 15+ years in this line of work this is what I came up with... It started as a Club Car CarryAll6 and turned into this one of a kind production cart. 

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