Commercial Photography - 15 years experience

Carpentry / Set Building - 20 years experience 

Graphic Design / Photoshop / Retouching - 15 years experience

Art Department for TV sets - 8 years experience  

Digital Tech / Capture Pro - 10 years experience

Film Crew Production service ​- 5 years experience

Custom Apparel Producer - 8 years experience

My team can build anything, literally ANYTHING, you can dream of. I can get it done on location or in my workshop in Tampa (where you can pick up or we can deliver)! I have a 16' flat bed trailer that can haul most anything including cars, booms, and scissor lifts! We have a complete tool shop equipped for anything from carpentry to automotive to welding. If you need it, We got it!

We have full size quad cab HD trucks that can be used to pull our trailers or haul your gear. We also have a 7- passenger Tahoe that is very nice with leather seating, rear A/C and heat, if you need talent picked up and/or shuttle service! This Tahoe can also pull our trailers if you need both (it's been done before)! We have dropped off gear and picked up talent and clients all in one day with our set up. We are the definition of Hustle Harder, as you will find out when you book us! Also, we have a very long list of references; if you need them just ask.

In our group we have great, very well trusted team of hair and make-up artists, P.A.’s, and fashion / product stylists if needed. What I mean by very well trusted is they are on time with no B.S. and are very professional, with over 15 years experience in this industry!

ABOUT ME: Danny Gonzalez
My Dad is a carpenter from NYC and moved to Tampa, FL in 1983. I was born in Tampa and raised as a carpenter swinging hammers with my dad as early as 5 years old. I bought my first car when I was 12, got into the automotive industry when I was 14, and worked on cars through high school. I did night jobs DJ’ing once I learned it was a hobby I could get paid for doing. Then I got into commercial
digital photography in May of 2001. I've been shooting professionally since 2007. I currently shoot freelance for Bealls Department Stores,, & I’ve done shoots for Publix, Bone Fish Grill restaurant, Carrabba's restaurant, Linen Source, Casual Living, Thompson Cigar, Fox Sports, Dalton Agency and many, many more companies. My work ethic in photography is what it is because of the great Sean Harrington, Lead Photographer at I learned everything I know about digital photography from this man over a 7-year period while we worked together here in Tampa, FL for

When you love what you do it's nothing like work. My "job" is great and I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'm looking forward to working on new projects and talent when time permits. I will travel anywhere my help is needed. Just shoot me an email with your needs and wants and I'll let you know what I can do for you!

My commercial photography can be seen here:

Thanks for your consideration! You won't be disappointed! 


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